Quaternaire Portugal


  • Evaluation

    QP presents a long and diversified experience of carrying out evaluation studies of programmes, policies and projects, namely of those co-funded by the Structural Funds (ERDF and ESF). +
  • Culture

    “Culture is a crucial element in the maintenance of a society’s capacity to manage change. It provides the symbolic resources that people need to appropriate new meanings and skew... +
  • Employment, Competences and Vocational Training

    This is a DNA element of the creation act of QP. The approach to the employment and training issues, integrating the perspectives of people, territories and organisations, represents our distinctive... +
  • Strategic Planning

    QP leads a pioneer activity in Portugal in applying strategic planning tools and methodologies to territories, organisations and sectors, representing one of the core competences of the society. +
  • Spatial Planning

    Essentially based in its ability to coordinate vast and multidisciplinary teams, QP has a relevant position in the national market of services covering the different legal frameworks of spatial planning... +
  • Urban Projects and Policies

    As a result of combining our territorial strategic planning skills with conceptual approaches and sensibility to the urban phenomena, QP has developed in the last years a coherent set of... +